wolfy officeWolfy-Office is the production company behind the 'Men in Green' and 'Susi Schaf' (Susi the Sheep) audio plays, as well as other audio plays in various genres. The complete audio plays are published by their own publishing company as physical CDs and in digital format.

Other activities that Wolfy-Office is involved in are merchandising, licensing and marketing, in which the Wolfy character is always in the foreground.

Wolfy-Office has had more than ten years' experience in the entertainment industry.


Wolfy has his own merchandise products, including t-shirts, mugs, bags and, of course, his radio plays and a music CD (in German). You can find out more about the world of Wolfy on Wolfypedia, a German encyclopaedia about Wolfy, his friends and adventures.

Radio plays

Wolfy-Office produces and distributes audio plays in German in all genres in the form of CDs for booksellers and retailers of recorded media, as well as for digital download.

Audio plays involving Wolfy feature prominently. These audio plays are set in the world knows as the Wolfyverse, which is the backdrop for a number of highly imaginative stories.

Two series of audio plays in the Wolfyverse are of particular interest here: one is the commercially distributed series, 'Men in Green (MIG)', and the other is the free series of short audio plays, 'Susi Schaf', each episode of which is only around five to 10 minutes long.

Wolfy's most important role in the 'Men in Green' series is as an agent in the top-secret unit, 'Men in Green'.

The MIG audio plays, written by Kim Jens Witzenleiter, are a colourful mixture of genres with elements of adventure, comedy, parody, sci-fi, mystery, etc.